Upper Greensleeves, Left & Right

By definition this is the apparent continuation to Lower Green Sleeves or, at least, is easily accessed from the lower route. Upper and Lower Green Sleeves are not conveniently located and are all together hydrographically unrelated. Upper Green Sleeves is characterized as two-prongs of greenish ice spilling out of dense trees at the same height and to the left of Hang Over.

Approach: You can reach Upper Green Sleeves from either Lower Green Sleeves or Hang Over although it is not recommended unless you are combining your day with a climb of either of those routes. On it’s own, it is best to park as for Sleeping Giant then approach directly up the gully to the route. If approaching from Lower Green Sleeves; wander up and left, staying relatively low, to a small talus field. Cross the talus and continue through a short section of trees to the gully. Since you can expect a well-defined trail leading more or less straight up towards Hang Over, it is easy to get sucked right up to that route. Traversing from Hang Over to Upper Green Sleeves is an exercise in bushwhacking across steep sidehill gouging. If in doubt, traverse left before reaching the talus slope below Hang Over.

Routes: Depending on ice conditions and snow depth, the lower gully contains rambling ice leading to the main flows. The left-hand flow is longer and a little less bushy near the top. The right-hand ends very abruptly in the forest. As the season progresses, additional ice begins to fill in the area between the two prongs.

Descent: Two rope rappel from trees and downclimb.

Length and Difficulty