Named for the frequent state of ice climbers throughout the ages, Hang Over is deservedly one of the canyon’s most popular climbs. It is the obvious, often-green, flow of ice coming out of the gully on the left side of the rock buttress left of G2.

Approach: The climb is frequently approached from two directions. The most common is to walk left below the G1 Wall and head up the slope just past Lower Green Sleeves. By angling up and slightly left, you will eventually arrive at the talus slope below the Hang Over buttress. The other popular approach is to traverse left from the base of G2. Both approaches involve some steep slopes and the occasional route finding in the trees, although a good trail is usually established from either direction.

Route: Hang Over is best done as one long pitch although many people make a short first pitch by stopping at the first tree on the right. The steeper lower section can be up to WI 4 in earlyseason, thin conditions.

Descent: Rappel from trees. With multiple rappels, one rope will suffice.

Length and Difficulty