Sleeping Giant Falls

This is the first climb in the canyon, and is easy to miss since it is only visible through the trees for a short section 0.3 miles prior to the parking lot. Sleeping Giant is seen as a short, yet steep, curtain of ice in a major snow gully. Although shorter, it is generally harder than G2 or Mummy 2. Overall, it is a good route and deserves to be climbed more often than it appears to be.

Approach: Typically, it is best to park on the road before the parking lot. Drive to the parking lot, turn around and head back down the road. Exactly 0.2 miles north of the parking lot, the road goes through a small group of trees. Park here or anywhere else nearby where there is a good pullout. Do not block the main road. As the season progresses and the road conditions deteriorate, it would be advised to park at the main lot and walk back down the road to begin your approach. From the parking spot, the route is not visible. Walk left across the clear cut and into the gully. 20-45 minutes depending on snow depth and trail conditions.

Route: The route forms every year and very early conditions can provide technical chandeliers. By December it is typically filled in and less beat-out than Genesis, Mummy Cooler or Elevator Shaft. | Descent: Rappel the route from a tree on the right.

Length and Difficulty