Code Red

This is the most commonly done route in Upper Flanders. It forms every year, although sometimes easier than others. it lies in a deep chimney visible from  Killar Pillar . The ice, however, cannot be seen until you are almost at the base.

Approach: Once in the upper hanging valley continue on for 10-15 minutes and if possible look for a cutoff deadfall with "97" cut into it with a chainsaw into the left-hand (east) log. From here, go straight uphill for several hundred yards until you encounter a rocky rib hidden in the trees. Follow the gully on the right side of the rid to the mian cliff face. It is not uncommon to get pulled to the right, so if you can't see the route when you get to the clif, it is probably to your left.

Route: This classic piller spills from a deep notch cut into some of the worst rock Hyalite has to offer.

Descent: Rappel the route.

Length and Difficulty