Talk minus Action = Zero


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Force multiplier

you got me thinking in mathematical quandries. I recon that talk is a force multiplier, in a negative way - I'm not sure how to say that, Action is definitely greater than talk. Here is a rough go of it, unfortunately it isn't pretty and graphical.

Amiability=(Action + good talk)/((the sum of all talk)raised to the power of bad talk)

I tried working out the equation a couple times comparing a new climber to an elitist prick...


good talk: edifying others, being stoked and excited,etc?

bad talk: boasting in your badass accomplishment, never shutting up, berating others who aren't as bad-ass as you or who don't have the same ethos, being so goal driven that angry comments are made when you snap.

It is evident that a fractional (less than 1) number can easily develop. And the best you can do with just talk (in the rare case that it's all good) is a one...

It's still good weather for ice, have fun!


Posted by Snarg on Tue, 05/04/2010 - 12:30