southforkice in CODY, WYOMING

Posted: Mon, 01/31/2011 - 03:07

Hello Jim, Jojo and Montana Ice-

Just wanted to post a quick note that the 13th annual "Waterfall Ice" Festival is only 20 days away!  February 18-21, 2011 in CODY, WYOMING.  We appreciate your support and we are excited that some of you are coming down this year.

We will have a special raffle items and the "Devil's Tower Gratitude" donation for silent auction to benefit our friend Echo Oak.  As many of you know Echo fell 200ft off Smooth Emerald Milk Shake on Saturday Jan.15, 2011 up Deer Creek canyon here in Cody.  I was glad to see her alive upon my arrival to assist search and rescue.  It was hard to manage and tend aid to a friend but Echo is an amazingly strong woman.  It is our goal to raise money and assit her in her recovery fund for medical bills.  Please pass the word and join us in CODY to support the cause of a friend.

Thank you guys for the forum, it's well done and great to see the etusiasm of so many ice climbers!

Don Foote