Mission 2011/12 conditions

Posted: Mon, 11/07/2011 - 11:11

 Hiked up to the falls yesterday (11/6/11).


This is what ya got:



Got about 4-6 inches of snow on the trail at the bottom of the falls also.






  • Mon, 11/07/2011 - 15:38

looks like the season is coming to missoula. I'm assuming that there wasnt anything to climb quite yet. How were the temps up there?


  • Mon, 11/07/2011 - 22:43

 It was below 32 all day, I reckon.  Plus a good cold forecast.

Mission conditions, 1/26/12

  • Thu, 02/02/2012 - 10:56

Climbed in the upper ampitheather on Sunday, plenty of ice but very wet. 



Mission condition

  • Sun, 02/26/2012 - 21:39

As of today, the falls look similiar to Hilar.e's photo.  The quality of 80% of the ice was excellent, but there was a ton of snow on everything, as expected

Also if you are headed up the falls anytime soon, we had to leave a 16 in screw on the far right climb (whispering ice?).  If you are feeling nice (or like beer), I would love to see it again.