New Routes In Plains/Paradise Area

Submitted by theblythlyway on Sat, 03/26/2011 - 15:17


All of the following climbs are visible and access able from the roads surrounding Plains.  Some Private property access issues, but if you stop and ask folks are pretty amiable.  Only really issue is if the temperature will allow the climbs to form and stick around.  Seems like they are all doable for a week or two at a time throughout an average season, but when exactly that week might be is hard to say.


Above Paradise School  WI3 M2 Jeremy Blyth and Tom Collins Jan 2011

Perma Curves Gully  WI3 M3  (really condition variable) Jeremy Blyth solo March 2011 Mixed conditions

Paradise Water Spring Left Gully  WI3 (potential drytooling) Jeremy Blyth solo Jan 2011 

Dorothy's Looking Glass WI4  Jeremy Blyth and Curtis Pickering March 2011 (Forms very rarely On River Road East between Paradise and Plains, right in Dorothy's back yard, stop in and ask or she shall see you out her living room window and come charging)

Rainbow/Dog Lake cliffs right side WI 3 M2 (extremely variable with weather) Jeremy Blyth solo Feb 2011

Bill's Bootleg WI 3 Jeremy Blyth solo Jan 2011  ---Just Past Weeksville  hwy 200 first cliff band encountered.  Hidden gully on left side of two climbs, other climb only rarely forms, but could someday be a very nice pillar if conditions are right)  Private property ask Bill for access.