Lost Cobra at the Beehive- reward! also conditions.

Submitted by arichy83422 on Wed, 04/18/2007 - 13:37
Drove up from driggs to climb at the beehive yesterday. Pretty nice. Kind of a long drive for short routes, but beautiful area. All in moderation was in good condition- pleasant climbing, and an enjoyable outing although I must admit I thought it might be a bit longer and more sustained, kind of a one-move wonder. Looked like the standard had a bit less ice in it than would be ideal but probably climbable and the other corners right of there were pretty dry. Anyhow, I got back home to Driggs to find that my Cobra Adze tool is not on my pack- apparently I did something dumb like either left it at the platform I used at the base of the access couloir (where it seems natural to switch from skis to boots/'poons) during the the descent or it fell off my pack while skiing out (probably on one of the steeper slopes shortly below the platform where I took a digger skiing too fast in my climbing boots). Either way I don't have it and while I might make my way back up there to look for it, I also might not (it's a long way from here) and anyone who was so kind as to actually return it to me would certainly be entitled to some very good karma and an appropriate reward. If you choose to follow this noble path then please contact me (Andy) via phone 208-313-7348 or (because I'll be in Canada, Colorado, and Alaska for much of the next couple months) call my partner (Jenn) at 307-413-0649 to arrange to have it picked up, sent or whatever. Thanks!