east rosebud 10 nov 2007

Submitted by alaskazach on Sun, 11/11/2007 - 18:50
i walked the east rosebud vally a bit yesterday (10 nov 2007) checking out the ice. heres what i found[img]http://montanaice.com/forums/user_images/california%20ice%20shrunk.JPG[…] [img]http://montanaice.com/forums/user_images/ice%20dragons%20shrunk.JPG[/img]

California Ice is in and climbable for those interested in climbing in East Rosebud. Whit Magro and Tim Sieple made an asscent prior to Turkey day. ke

We've been at East Rosebud on Sunday. The aproach to Cali Ice took a long time because of bad conditions, so we only did one long pitch. The ice was not the best, but totally climbable and with good protection. In general, far from the Cali Ice I've done a few times before, but still always good to be there. Salud, JP

we trecked up to falls between on saturday, it was cold but fun in easy wi2ish conditions there was some steaper stuff on the right with fun mixed buisness, a bit thin at the top all in all a nice juant.