Less is More! Is less more?

I have always been a fan of this saying. Simplify! Less is More!

But, kind of Orwellian, isn't it? Less ISN'T more, how can it be? I can see where less A means more B. Less Ice equals more rock. Less aid equals more free. Less work equals more play. But less A can't be more A, not at the same time.

It's a mathematical quandry, like trying to say A>B , but also A<B.

Orwellian? Well, you know, double-speak, made famous in 1984 , the book, not the year. "War is Peace", "Lies are Truth" . In Orwells book, the contraryness of the statements were used by the Powers That Be to blur lines between, well, truth and lies. Maybe the same is true today- there will be peace, you will have security,.... once we can finish up this damn war!

Less gear is more climbing. Less time is more alpine. What the phrase really implies, is that leaving something behind open up more, of something else, probably unknown, new, and internal to the person.

Stay tuned for the next blog topic which breaks down Marc Twight's phrase- "Talk minus Action = 0". Oh really?