Talk minus Action = Zero

you got me thinking in mathematical quandries. I recon that talk is a force multiplier, in a negative way - I'm not sure how to say that, Action is definitely greater than talk. Here is a rough go of it, unfortunately it isn't pretty and graphical.

Amiability=(Action + good talk)/((the sum of all talk)raised to the power of bad talk)

I tried working out the equation a couple times comparing a new climber to an elitist prick...


good talk: edifying others, being stoked and excited,etc?

bad talk: boasting in your badass accomplishment, never shutting up, berating others who aren't as bad-ass as you or who don't have the same ethos, being so goal driven that angry comments are made when you snap.

It is evident that a fractional (less than 1) number can easily develop. And the best you can do with just talk (in the rare case that it's all good) is a one...

It's still good weather for ice, have fun!


Marc Twight said this years ago. I know what he means by it; but I don't think he realizes that it doesn't quite mean what he thinks.

What he meant was, if you blather on and on about how rad you can climb, but then don't follow through with action, well, the talk doesn't mean much, does it?

But let's look at this algebraically. Let's 'solve for Talk' in the lingo.


add action to both sides of the equation:


but -ACTION + ACTION cancel each other out. and 0 plu ACTION is just ACTION. So:


That's not what Marc meant to say. Maybe: