I call it the 'White Rabbit'

Submitted by jimurl on Thu, 02/06/2020 - 11:23
Hello Everybody, Yes, Montanaice still exists. I went out to the back 40, inflated the tires, changed the oil, adjusted the distributor cap, put some new fuel in 'er, and what do ya know: the 1967 Ford Truck of a website turned over and kicked up! It belched some black smoke into the error logs files, but after software upgrades, she's runnin' fine. Yes, I still ice climb, too. Occasionally. See the White Rabbit photo above, it's hometown Livingston. Also a couple times with my oldest and best buds, Kris and Joe. See two photos down. Also introducing the new generation, here's Devin in the early stages of learning about the screaming barfies.