Mission & Finley Conditions

Submitted by Baker on Mon, 11/27/2006 - 15:28
Has anyone been up to Mission or Finley? One can always be hopeful.

Went out to Finley yesterday, the 29th. Things seem to be forming up nicely. The ice, however, was brittle, very brittle. Hopefully after this next week, the ice will soften up a bit. Cross your fingers. If you go out to climb, try to keep the rest of both the season, and the climbers in mind.

it's in. All of it. The Grinch is huge. The Grain Eater is wet. The Daggers area has tons of ice. The Fox's Corner is nearly touching to the bottom. Finely is all that it should be, so go climbing. This will be my last post for the area until others start posting with me. I know Missoula climbers read this area's posts, and, to put it frankly, I've become annoyed being the only consistent sourse of information. If you're not willing to help with the sharing of conditions and live in the area, you can't expect anything from this site.

Sounds like a spray posting jb? There are some good flows up hwy 200 out of Bonner, low angle but close to town. Bass creek was very wet a week ago but may look better this week, lots of ice breaking out from above so heads up. Has anyone checked out Blodget Falls or Swan slabs this year?

Thanks for the report, I'm not a local so the info is appreciated. I'll post conditions if I get over that way.

Climbed Graineater on Saturday 12-31, little wet, but the climbing was geat. We were the only ones in there on Sat. suprised not to see another group of climbers. The road is in good shape a little slick but little snow. I imagine Mission is in by now but any condition reports would be appreciated.