Graphic Presentation Help

Submitted by JoJo on Thu, 01/25/2007 - 18:48
Hello All, Bill Dockins and Peter Fritsch have been sweating overtime on the appeal process. Neva Steward and Hannah Arm are putting together some Fund Raising events. Jerry Johnson has been working on the economic data. Pete Tapley was a star in front of the KTVM cameras. Emily Stifler has been writing for the climbing mags and web sites. Chris Naumann will be hitting the aisles at the upcoming outdoor industry trade show in SLC. As well, several others have been helping away at various pieces of the puzzle. Thank you all. Many additional people have offered to help. Unfortunately with anything of this nature, it's been hard to find convenient specific tasks to assign. Well, here is one. We need one or two skilled people to step up ASAP to help Bill and I put together some exhibits to go with the official appeal. We have some initial ideas we need help implementing but welcome any added expertise and insight. We are looking for someone with graphic and computer skills (or a deep desire to hang out and pressure the staff at Kinko's) to help pull together some photos, scan articles, maps, etc. These will be materials to attach to the official appeal to give some added umpff and sex appeal to an otherwise dull legal document. Remember the appeal is due February 1, so we need some effecient, quality help. ASAP Call me - 581-1716 Thanks in advance. JoJo