Main Canyon Conditions

Submitted by JoJo on Mon, 12/03/2007 - 12:01
Thanks to everyone that helped make the Ice Festival a great time. After all, we can plan a party and if no one shows up then it's not so good. Coop and I are grateful to everyone that helped out and or participated. After spending most of the last week in the main fork of Hyalite I have a pretty good idea of what is in. Here is the run down. Note, the big winds that hit starting on Sunday are definitely going to be raising the avalanche potential. Hyalite has lots of sucker pockets that can generate nasty little slabs. Be careful out there! [b] Routes that got climbed in this week or are definitely in:[/b] Sleeping Giant, Both Upper Greensleeves, Lower Greensleeves, GI is in excellent nick with fun pillars and variations, Hangover, Hangover Mixed Variation, GII, Zack Attack, Mummy I-IV, Sceptre, Crypt Orchid, Cave & Gully, Feeding the Cat, (Matrix is not in), all the Amphitheatre Climbs, at least one of the Alex Solo routes is in but not sure which or maybe both, all the moderates below Winter Dance are great, Winter Dance itself was climbed, Responsible Family Men, The Western, Lower Avalanche Gulch, Dribbles, Silken Falls, Kansas Cornfield, Twin, Cleo's (still not quite touching but has been climbed several times), Solstice, Elevator Shaft, Fat One, Itchy & Scratchy, Sharp Dressed Man, Thrill is Gone, Good Looking One (hard conditions), Magically Delish. No report on Jeff's Left & Right although they are probably climbable. Black Magic is trying hard and with warmer temps it might get good if the wind doesn't suck it dry. Everyone PLEASE remember, the Forest Service is going to keep the road open only as long as the road is reasonably drivable and or the "Hyalite Road Rodeo" gets out of control. It is up to us to beat it open and NOT contribute to any car wrecks or creek surfing. [b]If and when they close the road it will be gated at the very bottom of the canyon for the rest of the season! [/b] Conditions are very good up there and we all want to enjoy it as long as possible. Thanks for everyone's continued interest and support of Hyalite ice. Onward!

I will get something together as soon as I can. I'm way behind on my day job stuff after spending all last week with the Ice Festival (not to mention getting about 15 hours of sleep combined since last Wednesday). Thanks for your patience.