The Skiing Thread

Submitted by conrad on Sat, 12/22/2007 - 10:16
Greetings, Many of us do more than just ice climb. We enjoy the wonderful Montana backcountry. I have started this skiing thread so that we can post notes on conditions (ie: is Ellis worthy?), recent descents, established up tracks and car-pooling opportunities. I trust my fellow climbers and the collective judgement on snowpack. Maybe this isn?t the right location ? but if we find one we can move this over there. Post up? Conrad [img][/img] Bean Bowers Powering Down Cleo?s ~ March 2004 [img][/img]

Greetings SuperRad, Not that there are any specific guidlines for the forum - Mr Url created a place for this. The more information we have the better our fun is. Anyhow - we wandered up to Cleo's and there is plenty of snow to ski to and from the ice climb. The slope below the climb was uniform in consistency (no junk next to the ground - maybe due to the two warm spells in late fall?) and hip deep. pax,