The Dark Side

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Pat Callis, et al

The broad, black-stained East face of Frog rock rises above Bozeman Pass area in a nice setting. Looking down, you see the highway and RailRoad; looking to the N, you can see the Bangtails, Bridgers, and Bridger Canyon.

Approach: From the  Trail Creek trailhead, 1/2 mile E. of the Trail Cr. exit interchange on the frontage road. Go 1.25 miles onthe main Forest SErvice trail which will access Chesnut mountain. Split off right on the Frog Rock SMCC climbers trail at the 1.25 miles point, and follow this countour style t oit's end-  afew hundred yards more of traversing leads one to the toe of the buttress below Frog Rock.  To get to the Dark Side wall, we ascended up  the rib of the toe of the rib for a bit, then split back to the east in a few judiscous places, to traverse under much of the crag and end up at The Dark Side wall.

skied down from the dark side wall. not really a couloir but more of a landslide/avalanche path of some sort. actually the third time but finally from the climbs. good skiing and of course good views. fun times!