Cascade Falls Dec 20th?

Submitted by brett on Sun, 12/20/2009 - 15:36

it was raining like crazy today, but we thought it wise to check out cascade falls anyways.  there were two crazy dudes snorkeling up the damn thing despite an effin geyser pouring out of the top.  i took some pics.  it's a sweet-looking climb, but we didn't attempt.  (left the scuba gear at home).  i'll post the pics soon.  meantime, who was climbing that thing?

You mean the waterfall is supposed to be frozen to climb it? That was a couple Missoula climbers (Andrew & Andy) who don't get out much so aren't too picky, just happy to get out & get some swings in. The wetness wasn't too bad, either on the climb or coming from the sky. Fun climbing, ice was good, plenty thick & seemed well attached. Would love to see pics.