Missoula Ice overview 12/22

Submitted by jselwyn on Tue, 12/22/2009 - 11:48

Here's a general overview of the conditions:

Finley: Thing in Between is fat, Weedeater is fat after the start (left hand start not in), bottom pitch of graineater not close, foxes corner no, upper graineater is looking good, daggers were looking great but things were falling sunday with warm temps and rain

Mission: Ice is in on main wall but thin in spots and really wet, whispering ice not close, ice bridge is in, watch for falling ice on all walls

Dynamo: Ice exists but no where close to climbing conditions (2nd hand info from good source)

blodgett: the falls got done a few times recently, including sat. Not in condition now.  Swan slabs is prob in pretty good watch wet snow loading on the top

Small seep outside on Bonner: In good shape

Its a short 25ft  2+ flow up 200 just outside of bonner about .5 miles that makes a fun spot for some after work soloing.  There is a small pullout on the right, park then walk the road for 200yards go up the talus on the right and you're there. You can see it from the road.

climbed thing in between at finley today.  it was fun climbing, but it must've melted a lot since yesterday.  definitely not fat.  i don't think any other climbs are in at finley.  everything looked thin or nonexistent, especially at the bottoms.  bummer.