Sweat House Canyon

Submitted by rockclimber616 on Tue, 12/14/2010 - 10:33

Hey so, recently a large group of people developed Sweat House Creek Bouldering, checking the area out we noticed quite a few drips and a small fall. So we went up there to check if any ice formed.  We found a great WI2 on the northfacing slope, going at 100ft with great ice, with the use of a 70m rope.  We also climbed a smaller steeper ice on the south facing aspect, around 40ft with fat to thin ice going at WI1-2.  Just to the left is a sweet pilar forming great thats steep and would be a great short climb.  The main fall is small and not worth climbing , compared to the surrounding area.  There is more potential of more ice in the canyon as long as the temps cool off, we watched a cool pilar break off as we were talking about climbing it in the future.

Has anyone ever climbed here, or heard of it or are we the first.

happy climbing

Ryan N

I climbed those features in 2006, but I am sure others climbed those before then. If you're looking for ice in the Bitterroot I would highly recomend Bear Creek and Fred Burr - the latter has some great routes, but are south facing (like Bear) so get  'em early in the season before they get rotten. Fred Burr is hands down one of the best ice climbing venues in the 'root based on the number of routes, length and setting. I've been back there 5-6 times and each time never saw any people or tracks ... something of a rarity nowadays in MT.