Ice Box Canyon

Submitted by pony on Sat, 03/11/2006 - 08:39
Does anyone know what the conditions are like, any vertical ice left?

There was some ice still hanging around on tuesday as I drove by on my way home. Enough to climb but it was also raining. kristoffer erickson

this is in the glacier national park forum...I'm not sure if you mean the ice box canyon in YNP on the way to Cooke City...if you mean the latter, I drove by on Friday, March 10, and the ice looked fat by the creek in the ice box canyon in YNP

Omar, There is also a Ice box canyon just off hwy 2 a few miles to the east of West Glacier. By parking at a pullout and walking the train tracks back east to the canyon you can find several varations to climb. Nothing long but approach is possible all year. kris